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Benicar® Side Effects

If you or a loved one has suffered from a serious gastrointestinal problem while taking Benicar®, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

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Benicar® Lawsuits

The blood pressure-lowering medication Benicar® has been associated with a number of gastrointestinal problems, including chronic diarrhea, vomiting, rapid and excessive weight loss, enteropathy and intestinal inflammation. These Benicar® side effects can be so severe that they can cause hospitalization and even death. If you or a loved one has suffered because of the serious gastrointestinal side effects of Benicar®, you may qualify to pursue compensation by filing a Benicar® lawsuit. To learn more, please contact us today.

Who Should Contact an Attorney?

Anyone who has taken Benicar® and who has suffered as a result of its side effects should contact an attorney about the right to compensation. Keep in mind, however, our lawyers only accept cases that involve serious injury and damages. If someone you love died from intestinal inflammation or another gastrointestinal problem while taking Benicar®, you should contact an attorney about the possibility of pursuing a wrongful death claim.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical costs, time away from work and more. In wrongful death suits, recoverable compensation might include outstanding medical bills, funeral and burial costs, lost economic support, loss of companionship and more.

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To find out if you or someone you love is eligible to file a Benicar® lawsuit, simply call or email us today. We will ask you a series of questions to determine whether you have a legitimate claim. Once we establish that you have grounds to file a lawsuit, we will do everything we can to get you the full amount of compensation you are entitled to. Call today to schedule your free case review.

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July 18th, 2013

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